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Dharapuram is a city,is a semi-rural community in the Tirupur district and a municipality in in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Kongunad is the homeland of the Tamilians and dates back to the 8th centuary AD.It comprised of Palani, Dharapuram, Karur, Namakkal, Thiruchengodu, Erode,Selam,Dharmapuri, Coimbatore, Avinasi, Nilgiris,Pollachi and Udumalpet [All these places are in Tamilnadu-South India]


Dharapuram is located at 10.73°N 77.52°E. It has an average elevation of 245 metres (803 feet).


Dharapuram was under the regimes of Chera kings in 850 A.D. Thereafter (in 1000 A.D. - 1275 A.D.) this place came under the rule of Cholas with Dharapuram as their Headquarters. Subsequently it came under the control of Pandiars (from 1276 A.D.). Only during this period, a ruler by name Veerapandian caused the digging of Kalingarayan Channel. Then the Muslims (Modeen Sulthans) took over the rule after which Nayaks of Madurai ruled. Then Hyder Ali and Tippu Sultan had their sway. In 1799 when Tippu fell to the British, the East Indian Company took over the administration.its famous for its aanjaneya temple.British had it military camp in Therupatti village on Palani road,it practised refile firing in Kannimar Hill, Anceint foundry (kollan Pattari) was also found in same village, In ancient times Dharapuram was called as Viradapura which has significant links to Mahabharata. Dharapuram and Coimbatore got the status of Municipality on a same day.

Dharapuram Municipality is promoted 1st grade municipality on May 6, 1983. Dharapuram Town is situated along the bank of River Amaravathi with an extent of 7.02 km2.The town has attained the status of a Municipality in the year 1916 and functioning as the First Grade Municipality from 09.05.1983. The town developments completely depend on the agricultural activities and Commerce and Trades.

Once upon a time Dharapuram was a Capital for South NOYYAL Dt, and Bhavani was a North Noyyal Dt. That time Erode was a village.


§ As of 2001 India census, Dharapuram had a population of 72,137. Males constitute 49.6% of the population and females 50.4%. Dharapuram has an average literacy rate of 77%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 86% and, female literacy is 74%. 7% of the population is under 6 years of age.

§ Dharapuram is a medium-sized town & also one of Biggest Taluk in Tirupur district. One side of it is bordered by the Kodaikkanal mountain ranges. It stands on the banks of the holy river Amaravati, a tributary of the Kaveri River. Dharapuram also has a number of windmills as it gets a large amount of wind through the palakkad pass.

§ The Amaravathi river is one of the veryspecial river sothIndia coz the flow from the south to north is very special here ie (Amaravathi reaches their fall in Lord GOD SHIVA's foot Himalaya) is notified.Uppar, nallathankal river, palar(of palani) all joins river Amaravathi, temples and village on the banks of river Amaravathi shows the ancient history.

§ It also possesses the Kadu Hanumantharaya Swami temple which one of the sacred temples for lord Hanuman. This is one of the Akila Bharatha Madwa Shekthram.Every Year the Month of May Car festival Celebrating by the Devotees.Car Festival Every year Narashimma Jeyanthi Day.In Tamil Nadu the Hanumath Jayanthi(Lord Anjaneya Swami's Date of Birth)is celebrated on the new moon day of the Markazhi month.

§ The river Amaravathi flows through the town before joining cauvery. There are many temples around the town like Lord Shiva temple in the banks of the river,Thillapuraiamman Temple in the bank of Amaravathy River, Mariamman temple and Neelambur kaaliamman temple.

§ Bhagavan Koil which is very famous and Ugadhi is celebrated here in April,naerer to temple small dam is on Nallathankal River and easwaran temple on small hill,Sampari Karupanasami temple and BalaVinayakar temple near Salakadi is famous along travellers and local. Chinna Bhagavan koil in D. Kumarapalayam is also a famous temple.

§ Kottai Mariamman Temple in the bank of Amaravathy River Near Sankarandampalayam is very famous for cures of eye problems.Rathinamoorthi sami temple is near by kottai mariamman temple,Thean Easwaran Temple and Sri Periya Nachiamman Temples is situvated on same river Bank in near by village Kothanoor(KotraiNadu)

§ Konguvadukanatha Sami(Bairavar)with Siva,ShivakamiAmman and murugan temples is very ancient and famous it is situvated in kundadam on Coimbatore road.Saint Kongu Sithar lived near by Oothiyur hill Konganar sithar has visited this hill,shiva temple is in the hill and near by vatta malai.

§ Chakrathalvar koil in bank of Amaravathi at Athukalputhur is also famous temple for god Chakrathalvar.

§ Ponnivadi a nearby village is said as 'PANDU GRAMAM'is very famous for JUSTICE and No theft happens here, if it happens the thieves would be definitely caught. A famousTemple of Angalamman is situated in Ponnivadi.And another famous Temple ofNaynar Malai Vartharaja Perumal is also situated in Ponnivadi.

Two brave men - Theeran Chinnamalai and Tiruppur Kumaran have given their share to the freedom struggle.

Theeran Chinnamalai [1576 - 1805] is said to have made the freedom struggle a people’s movement.Historians say he adopted the guerilla warfare against the invaders.He took part in three important battles and in the final battle he was betrayed by his cook and he was hanged to death.

Tiruppur Kumaran[1904-1932] ] born in Chennimalai [Erode district] was one of the youngest in the freedom movement taking Gandhi’s way at a very young age.

Kumaran died from injuries sustained from a Police assault during a protest march against the British and died holding the flag of India.He is considered a martyr by the people of Tamilnadu and is referred to as ‘Kodi Katha Kumaran’ meaning kumaran who saved the flag.

§ Very near to Murugan temple at Palani.

Famous Personalities

§ Actor Nagesh

§ Dharapuram Mr.Sundararajan Singer

§ Late Mr.A.Senapathi Gounder EX Palani M.P

§ Mr.S.K.Karvendhan B.SC B.L EX Palani M.P

§ Mr. Sundararajan, Director


§ Many famous Higher Secondary Schools are available.

§ Govt Higher Sec School DPM,This School Start on 1857 Now age 152

§ ST.Aloysius Hr.Sec.School for Girls DPM.(Very Famous in Girls School)

§ N.C.P Municipal HIgher Sec School DPM,

§ CSI Boys Higher sec school DPM.

§ CSI Girls Hr.Sec.School DPM,

§ Vishnu Lakshmi Matric Hr.Sec.School DPM,

§ Ponnu Matric.Hr.Sec.School Dpm,

§ Veveaham Matric Hr.Sec.School Dpm,

§ V.M.C.D.V Higher Secondary School, Thayampalayam DPM

§ Govt.Hr.Sec.School Kundadam DPM

§ GHSS Kolathuppalayam DPM,

§ Manikaswamy Naidu Hr.Sec.School Gvp,Dpm,(It is Famous for its Discipline & cent percent results)

§ GHS Elugamvalasu an GHS Kuppichipalayam is very famous for getting cent percent pass in SSLC Exams consistently every year.


§ Dr.Nallini Institute of Engineering and Technology, Dharapuram

§ TRN Polytechnic DPM,

§ Maharani Polytechnic College,

§ Maharani college of education,

§ Maharani teacher training institute ,

§ Govt ITI DPM and 2 more private ITIs,

§ Bishop Thorp College DPM,

§ Maharani Arts and Science College for Women DPM,

§ Bishop Nursing College DPM and Sara Nursing college are also contributors for education.


§ Agriculture, Bricks Like Chamber, Big Paddy Seeds Farm in Tamilnadu, Financing, IT,Textiles like Spining Mills, Rice and Oil Mills, Transport Like big Lorry Market and Automobile workshops are main area of business in Dharapuram.

§ You can see many Tea shops named as Bakery with high class interior decoration. Tea and Coffee also tastes very good.


§ Dharapuram is the Mid point to connect 4 major cities Coimbatore-Madurai,Tirupur- Madurai,Palani - Erode also Salem, Coimbatore - Theni, Dindigul-Tiruppur and Karur -Pollachi, Via road connects.

§ Every 5 minutes once Buses available for Tirupur,Erode,Palani,Coimbatore andMadurai, Mid Night time Every 15 Minutes Once Buses Available.

§ 79 km from Erode and Coimbatore. 48 km from Tirupur, 72 km from Karur, 118 km fromMadurai. Video coach buses are available to all these cities 24 hours.

§ Nearly 76 KM from Dindigul - famous southern city for ancient locks and Thalappakatti Biryani (typical South Indian Non Veg Dish)

§ 34 km From Palani

§ 58 km from Pollachi

§ 38 km from Udumalpet and Thirumoorthy falls

§ No train facility is yet available in Dharapuram.

§ Nearest Airport is Coimbatore.

§ Nearest railway station is Tirupur and one of the Major Junctions in South India ERODE.

§ The nearest Railway Station to this town is Palani and Tirupur located at a distance of 34 km and 48 km respectively to the Dharapuram town.

§ TNSTC and Privaters operate daily buses to Chennai,Madurai,Trichy,Nagapattinam,Ooty,Theni,Tiruchendur,Kanyakumari,Tirunelveli, Salem, Dharmapuri and Mysore from Dharapuram.


Dharapuram assembly constituency (SC) is part of [Erode Lok Sabha constituency].


The cuisine is definitely south Indian. The safest thing to do is to follow the local people and enjoy the local flavor. North Indian cuisine is also available but it is not the same quality as one would find in the North. The food is reasonably priced and has the typical south Indian spicy flavor. It is advisable to eat where you are staying if you are particular about the hygiene and cleanliness. It has no local cuisine or specialty of its own. It follows the trend.

Here's a feast fit for the kings, literally. The `Veerabhojanam' food fest at Dakshin, ITC Hotel Kakatiya Sheraton & Towers, brings lip-smacking cuisines from Kongunad.

The vast Kongu region spans as many as 50 cities and towns in Tamil Nadu, and the various kingdoms that ruled these areas have each left their influence on this cuisine. The recipes have a distinct flavour since each of the regions used ingredients, which were abundantly grown in that area.

The 10-day festival, which began on September 23, features delicacies like Pachaipuli Rasak (spicy rasam made of tamarind pulp and small onions), Karimeen Kolambu (fish curry with mutton cubes and stock), Keeranoor Kolambu(vegetable gravy with chosen country vegetables and mutton),Kollu Masiyal (breakfast dish made out of mashed horsegram accompanied with a watery salt-fish gravy) and other goodies.

Some unique dishes brought in by chef Jacob from Erode include Aathur Koli Kolambu, which is chicken curry made without using tomato, ginger and garlic; and benian, a white flaky poori-like sweet made only by the housewives of Muslim families in and around Dharapuram.

Incidentally, the residents of the Kongu region were the first to use copra (dry coconut) in curries and gravies rather than fresh coconut.

Before I start off with the menu,a word about the lesser-known freedom fighters from the kongu soil.

Kongunadu cuisine is extensive for the simple reason that kongunadu covers a vast area.

This cuisine does not involve marinating and has its own nativity and style.The use of turmeric,groundnut paste to curries give it a unique texture and flavor.This is a very healthy cuisine owing to the use of millets, pulses, sesame and less amounts of oil and spices.

Some of the delicacies include arisi paruppu sadham[Rice-Dhal dish],ell urundai[Sweet sesame balls],urulaikilangu curry[Potato stir fry],Paruppu urundai kulambu[Lentil dumpling in sambar],Venn pongal[Yet another rice pulse combo,a common breaskfast dish],Dosai,Nellikkai chaaru[Gooseberry soup],murungakkai sambar[Drumstick sambar],Vaazhapoo Kootu[Banana blossom kootu],Pachapuli rasam[no-cook rasam] etc and a host of non veg dishes.